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Vyshyvankas (embroidered shirts) and rushnyks (embroidered towels) - the cultural heritage of Ukrainian people. It is our pride and beauty, our history, our wealth. Glory of Ukrainian vyshyvanka is widely known outside of Ukraine. Mastery of performance, design, color and fabric is always appreciated and of great importance, because vyshyvanka speaks not only of the welfare standards and well-being of its owner, but also on its individuality, origin, status...


Embroidery of the  «Kulturne Vidrodzhennya» (Cultural Revival) - This picturesque area of style, reasonable prices and impeccable quality. Embroidery of the  «Kulturne Vidrodzhennya» (Cultural Revival) - is the best collection of shirts produced domestically. Embroidery of the  «Kulturne Vidrodzhennya» (Cultural Revival) - a modern view of the Ukrainian national clothes.

Men’s and Women’s embroidered shirts. Children’s vyshyvankas. Embroidered T-shirts. Rushnyks. Women’s embroidered shirts in office style. Corporate vyshyvankas. To buy vishivanka is very easy regardless of where you stay. Contact us to arrange the most convenient way for you to get your order.