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Men's Woman's Kids` Rushnyks Other Lingerie

Women’s vyshyvanka. Particular features of women’s embroidered shirts are saved for a long time traditions of decorating it with different techniques. Embroidered clothing will be in fashion always. In each new collection of every season presented by the most famous and titled Couturier from around the world, great attention is paid to embroideries, it is set on special place, sometimes plays the main role, and each time embroidery proves its important mission. Ukrainian embroidery has a significant advantage in the global fashion industry, it is in the hands of Ukrainian women was born this form of art, it is our girls whom embroidery opened all its secrets and magic of intricate patterns. It is Ukrainian beauties, whom vyshyvanka suits much.

For the most charming in the world, we have selected a collection of the best models on purpose for each person is able to find embroidery to her liking.

Women's embroidery
KB-SF 001
400 uah
Ukrainian vyshyvanka for woman white and red
KB-SF 003
600 uah
White vyshyvanka
KB-SF 030
1000 uah
Women's embroidered shirt
KB-SF 019
450 uah
Women's embroidery
KB-SF 022
600 uah
Embroidered shirt office style
KB-SF 036
450 uah
Female embroidery traditional
KB-SF 020
650 uah
Female vyshyvanka with blue embroidery
KB-SF 015
650 uah
Modern vishivanka
KB-SF 016
450 uah
Vyshyvanka embroidered with blue roses
KB-SF 031
1000 uah
Black embroidery with roses
KB-SF 029
1000 uah
Shirt with red-black embroidery
KB-SF 024
450 uah
Female embroidery office style
KB-SF 017
450 uah
White dress embroidered with flowers
KB-SF 027
900 uah
Embroidered dress with hemstitch
KB-SF 033
900 uah
Embroidered blouse black color
KB-SF 035
450 uah
Vyshyvanka with blue pattern
KB-SF 021
450 uah
0 uah