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Ukrainian traditional clothing – vyshyvanka, a shirt that contains elements of Ukrainian ethnic embroidery should be in the wardrobe of every man. It makes any costume special. Vyshyvanka harmonizes with the business suit very much, speaking of its owner as about self-confidence, resolute and firm of purpose person. Vyshyvanka with informal dress and jeans gives a special charm, adds some romance and attraction. The wearing vyshyvanka - it is brightly, naturally, it is very manly ... That’s why there is nice tradition to present vyshyvanka from girl to boy, from mother to her son, from wife – to her husband. This is the best gift to yourself, to friends and relatives, original souvenir for foreigners from big open heart of all Ukrainian people... The collection of vyshyvankas from the “Kulturne Vidrodzhennya” (Cultural Revival) - our successful attempt to give you the wonderful opportunity to feel the national pride and patrimonial memory, to present joy and beauty for your close people and friends. Here are the best examples of traditional Ukrainian ethnic embroidered shirts made by the masters.

ukrainian embroidery
-SM 002
400 uah
embroidered shirt white on white pattern
KB-SM 001
400 uah
Vyshyvanka male
KB-SM 005
480 uah
cross-stitch embroidered vyshyvanka
KB-SM 031
650 uah
mens embroidered shirt
KB-SM 027
450 uah
cross-stitch embroidered urkainian shirt
KB-SM 023
450 uah
white vyshyvanka with blue pattern
-SM 014
400 uah
mens embroidery shirt
KB-SM 030
450 uah
black embroidered shirt with red pattern
KB-SM 013
450 uah
black embroidered shirt with red pattern
KB-SM 029
450 uah
KB-SM 015
450 uah
0 uah