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News / Spring compliment for charming women from TM "Kulturne Vidrodzhennya".
Spring compliment for charming women from TM "Kulturne Vidrodzhennya".

Lovely women and girls! Men's team of "Kulturne Vidrodzhennya" congratulates you on your spring holiday! It’s a great time of femininity, beauty, motherhood, love. With warm wishes and words of gratitude we appeal to you all and wish you have the female happiness, prosperity and comfort for your family.


 For theInternational Women's Day we are happy to present you with the opportunity to emphasize your natural beauty by wonderful cloths from the collection of TM "Kulturne Vidrodzhennya" with a discount of 8%. The promotion lasts one day, March 8, 2012 in all stores of "Kulturne Vidrodzhennya" and applies to any product. Please, print the flyer that provides discounts and show to the seller before paying.


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